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Stitzweb Code Of Conduct

Stitzweb has a few simple rules that you are expected to follow while using the site. These rules are not meant to censor anyone or punish, they are only here to protect others from being exposed to inappropriate content.

  1. Members must never post any photo, video or text that is of a sexual or pornographic nature or that contains vulgar behavior that would likely be offensive to other members.

  2. The use of swear words that are excessively vulgar (you know which ones) is strictly prohibited.

  3. If you post something that is copyrighted property of someone else, make sure it falls under the rules of fair sharing for genealogical research. This is your responsibility, not Stitzweb's.

  4. Members must never use the Stitzweb site to perform or incite any kind of illegal activity whatsoever.

  5. Bullying, name-calling and other downright ugly and dispicable behavior won't be tollerated.

  6. Deliberately misrepresenting your identity and posing as someone else for the purpose of being misleading, obtaining information about another member or members, or to gain access to the website is prohibited, may be illegal, and will result in permanent banning of your IP address from ever registering on this site again and possible criminal prosecution.

I don't expect that these rules will ever have to be enforced but keep in mind that any violation could result in being suspended for a period of time, permanently banned from ever using this site, or even criminal prosecution. Just exercise common sense, use the site for its intended purpose and try to get along and everything should be just fine.